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About First Glass International LLC

In today's world, where the remarkable speed of science and technology progress is accompanied by the construction of the latest construction products, to apply new technologies in this industry with the parameters: speed, accuracy, health, comfort of First Glass International LLC, which due to the inheritance of this job for Its managers started their work in 1919 by making wooden doors, windows and stained glass in Isfahan, and have continued until now, after three generations, always in order to grow and promote the company and create wealth.

In recent years, carrying out projects in Iran, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, as well as launching a production glass production line with the participation and investment of AbuNoorLLC in Qatar, is part of the company's honors in the field of construction industry.
We are happy and proud and the main asset of our company is to have loyal and satisfied customers of our services.

We are always trying to provide the best services in this industry by being up-to-date with our information, and to take steps to build a green and prosperous world with our dear colleagues and customers. We are proud to have you dear ones.

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